1. The act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.

“the liberation of all political prisoners”

synonyms: freeing, release, discharge, deliverance, salvation, rescue, relief,extrication, setting free;
  1. Freedom from limits on thought or behavior.

So lately God has been teaching me a lot about Liberation and I think it’s selfish not to share with someone out there because everything that happens in our life is always a lesson or testimony to us and those around us.

Ok, moving on…for the past one week I have been feeling worthless and alone , you know I get this lonely episodes and thoughts run through my mind on how or why I don’t deserve somethings or some people. The good thing is that God keeps telling me audibly every day that I am not junk neither am I worthless and the voice of truth keeps reminding me of how much My Father in heaven loves me. The truth is that it was never about my Love for Him but His for me. He made the first attempt at creating a relationship with me….For he so loved me that he gave his only begotten son for me….oh wait not just for me but for the whole world. How awesome is that right? Very Liberating!!

Until a few weeks ago the word liberation to me was just another word that reminded me of slavery and the likes of Mandela and Martin Luther King, obviously I needed a reminder on who the author of Liberation is- Jesus  Christ himself.  ‘Whosoever the son sets free is truly free indeed’- You see many Christians today have been liberated yet they wear the robes of a slave simply because they don’t know how to let go of the shackles of what bounded them initially. The great thing about our liberation in Christ is that it is Instant, thorough, limitless and with no condition. Liberation from pain, sorrow, struggles, death and so much more.  How relieving is that?

So a few days ago I went to God in Prayer and I was like oh God, I need liberation from ‘My state of loneliness’ and I spent minutes upon minutes praying and ripping my heart out to God and he simply said to me why do you waste so much time focusing and praying about what you have? And I was like Father then why do I still feel the way I feel? And I got the most comforting reply from God- “It’s simply because you need to accept that there is that place in your heart that no man can fill, except me”. It was at this moment I understood what it meant, that God is and will forever be enough for you. That the emptiness I feel was not because I didn’t have enough friends, husband or children, but because I haven’t had enough of God yet!! It was at this point I realized that the only Liberation I needed was from my self-condemnation and the feeling of not being good enough!

The presence of God is so real, the more we draw near to him, the more he draws near to us and when the light of the knowledge of his glory is embedded in our heart we will never want or thirst for anything lesser than this. God has written the story of our lives but how much of it have we read and do we know? What God has in stuck for you and I is more than a best seller, it is simply a priceless gift from a loving father to his special children! For me this itself is Liberation.


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