My Dialogue with God

My Dialogue with God

I go for walks, when feeling down, alone to shed my tears

contemplating all I’ve felt, the joy, the pain and the fears.

I find a quiet place to sit, on my past I always reflect

that’s when I was startled, from the last thing I’d expect!

I know it seems cliché’, but it felt like a dream

a swirling mist, things got bright a man now there, unseen.

As He approached my resting spot, a smile crossed His face

a slow and steady gait he used, no rushing to His pace.

He gestured towards the bench I sat, I told Him “sure, sit down”

the smile grew, it was so warm, yet I could only frown.

He asked me “What’s the trouble friend? What’s weighing down your heart?”

Replying with my tear stained cheeks I said “I don’t know where to start!”

“My daughter, just tell Me what it is, I’ll listen to your woes,

I promise I’ll be here for you, I will never let you go.”

Skeptical, I took a breath, and then the words began

of what I feel and all I’ve lost, and why it’s hard to stand.

I told of my  ways, my falls, when younger but not grown

and now the torment that I feel, is reaping what I’ve sown.

I must be bad, or forsaken, for  my Lord deserted me

He put an arm around my shoulder and said “that could never be!”

“A plan for you, and for your life, is something you can’t see

but trust me when I tell you that your sight will come through me!”

“Through YOU?” I asked, “Well who are you? Don’t tell me you are God?”

And as I spoke, what did I see, the all too familiar scars.

His smile still there.  With disbelief, I simply sat and stared

but something deep inside of me, had me laying my soul bare.

Then a small voice, in my head, made me do a stupid thing

I questioned why He made this plan, with all the hurt it brings?

“My daughter, it is not my design that’s at fault, for your suffering s a choice

for if you heeded to what I said and listened to my voice

you’d feel the pain and know pure joy, the love from me to you

If you heeded to what I said, you’d know my promise is true!”

“But God, how could I walk so tall, when I feel it’s hard to stand?

always feeling so alone, even with some helping hands,

and having love, but not the kind, that just a friend can share,

not knowing which way is up or down, I can’t care no more?”

He said to me “Now listen, your task is still incomplete..”

I started to speak but then fell down, and landed on my knees

my head bowed low, I asked this man, tears streaming down my face

“Can I come home, please take me home, I want to leave this place?

These were his last words to me

Home is where you will be, if you carry your cross and follow me


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