Phenomenal Women Series: Defining You!!

What is a Phenomenal Woman? She is an Extraordinary and Remarkable Woman. A woman who denies herself for the love/commitment of others. She feels the joy and pain of those she spiritually embarks upon, without inquiring of any specifics of life. Many have called Phenomenal Women of God, Proverbs 31 Women. Yes, this is the most detailed description of a Phenomenal Woman. She is purposeful and passionate. She is driven by her thoughts and makes her thoughts a reality. She has imperfections. She is phenomenal for what she does and how God uses her in her imperfections; she is phenomenal because she is true to God and herself.

A phenomenal woman can be any shape or size.Creed, age and the family she  was born into, or the color of her skin do not matter. She is strong yet weak; she struggles with her own identity from time to time, but she understands that is all part of the game. She is true to her voice and to her inner self. She is resourceful and honest.

I have become a phenomenal woman because I am surrounded with phenomenal women who have left an imprint in my life.

Sometimes, I feel life is a mysterious journey. We meet several people with several mentalities, several abilities, several sweet thought processes. However this post of mine is dedicated to all the Phenomenal Women on this planet.  Nothing amazes me more than talking and understanding powerful women who balance their life and the lives of several other people in their life.  I am not a feminist in any angle.

Obviously, when I think about Phenomenal women , first person that comes  my mind is my Mom. She always tried to improve herself and asks us to to dream high, do more and think big. My siblings and Me are what we are because of this “Think Big” mentality of my Mom. I say she was Phenomenal because working hard for one’s own dream is not a big deal,  but working hard for other’s dream as if it it’s her own dream is something divine.  She strived hard, help us, motivate us in realizing our dreams. She made me an assertive, creative person by being a live example for me.

Somehow, it gives me immense happiness when I see and interact with women who balance everything in the life with grace and patience. I love the way they manage everything, giving due respect to all the people in their life. These sort of women are an example for the younger generations. Not all working women balance their professional and personal life. The independence gained due to financial independence does give ample scope to destructive life style of women (Now again, I say am not from anti-women gang ) . We feel bad when we see women with an uncivilized life style….its much more painful when we see responsible mothers behaving in uncivilized manner adopting uncivilized lifestyle with whacky habits.  I have vowed not to be that kind of mother. A decision every woman should make.

Let’s all try to be phenomenal women, allowing God work in us all!! Have a splendid women’s day ahead! All females, both young and grown, hold the power to do phenomenal things.


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