Komplete Woman Creative Writing Award

Komplete Woman is inviting all young Christian writers and poets to submit their work into the Creative Writing Award.

The Creative Writing Award is a fantastic opportunity for existing and aspiring Christian writers and poets to showcase their work. We want to see a steady stream of exciting young writers flowing into Christian publishing. This award is designed to discover and encourage these writers of the future.

Deadline for entering the award: 15th February 2015.

Winners will be announced late February/Early March 2015


How to Enter

Step 1:  Like our Facebook page and subscribe to the blog.

Step 2: Send Your Entry

Attach your submission to an email and send it to  kompletewoman14@gmail.com

Please make sure that you write your full name, address, category you are submitting for and the title of your work in the body of the email.



The Prize is open to Christian writers of any nationality writing in English,  25 years old and under at the time of the closing date. Entries must be entirely the work of the entrant and by submitting you are confirming that the work is your own. Any evidence to the contrary will result in immediate disqualification.

Prizes: The poem and short story (Fiction and Non Fiction) categories each have a first prize of #20,000, second prize #10,000 and third prize #5,000. The dollar equivalent will be given if the winners are outside Nigeria.


  1. The Creative Writing Award has three categories for entry: Poetry, Short Story Fiction , and Short Story Non Fiction. Writers must submit original unpublished work.
  2. Only one submission per entry. To enter send an email with your story attached as a Pdf-compatible file.
  3. Short Stories may be up to but no longer than 3,000 words. Poems may be rhymed or free verse, maximum of sixty (60) lines with no minimum, but must not have been published previously or have won any prize in any previous competition of any kind. All submissions should have a clear Christian theme and/or message (as opposed to world-view or humanist).
  4. By accepting a prize, any winner authorizes Komplete Woman to post the winning entry at the web site in perpetuity. All writers retain copyright and all other publication rights to their work. We place no restrictions on the rights of winners to publish or sell their work elsewhere following the announcement of prizes.
  5. Submissions will be judged by an independent committee. Under no circumstances will Komplete Woman contributors or the judges enter into discussion with any contestant. Judges will be looking for entries that have a strong structure with a good sense of character, place, time, clarity and purpose.


What does “previously published” mean?

  • If your story/poem has been printed and distributed by retail sale or postal mailing in quantities over 500 copies, it is considered “published” and is not eligible for our contest. (This includes self-published work.)
  • If your story/poem has been accepted for Internet publication by another party, it is considered “published” and is not eligible for our contest.
  • If your story/poem has been posted by you on the Internet, it is considered “unpublished” and is eligible for our contest.
  • If your entry has been longlisted or shortlisted in other competitions, and provided it has not won a prize or been published, then it is eligible.

Komplete Woman reserves the right to amend these rules where it is deemed necessary to do so.  Any changes to the rules will be posted on the website.






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