Jesus Take the Wheel

Jesus take the Wheel


I am sure majority of you love the song ‘’Jesus take the wheel” by Carrie Underwood,  I totally love the song and just a few nights ago while meditating on the lyrics of this song one question came to mind, what happens before we actually demand that Jesus takes the wheel?

Before we actually get into the car of life and start driving off through a cold winter night or a dry and dusty harmattan morning, we ought to ask God what the next plan of your life is. Believe me you don’t want to venture into driving running low on faith, equipments and direction when God wants to pilot you through an aircraft of ease, guidance and wisdom.  It’s a wasteful venture. The problem is that while we are busy driving and making Jesus a passenger, distractions of life will come in, the devil will throw in a telephone call just at a crossroad and before you can even blink you hit rock bottom! Life absolutely outside God’s guidance is chaotic.  One thing the enemy hates is to see that we are working according to God’s plan because he is constantly looking for loop holes to penetrate into our life and he knows he cannot do that when God is in charge, so he inflicts us with the disease called “Self”. He sells to us the lie that we can do all things through ‘self’, but we know that we can do all things only through Christ who strengthens us.

The Holy Spirit used this song to remind me that majority of us like to be the drivers of our own life and when nothing else works or when we get to the end of the road and nothing else in view we then turn to God as our Plan Basking him to take the wheel. Why make God an option? I always think to myself, what if I wasn’t a priority to Christ, What if I was a mere plan B would he have laid his life for me? The truth is from the beginning of time none of us had ever been a Plan B on God’s mind, he predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ according to the purpose of his will (Eph 1:5). Wow…how awesome is that?  For us to know that even before our fathers met our mothers or even thought of conceiving us in their wombs, he already adopted us. Bought and redeemed by the blood of the lamb. We don’t have the promise of freedom , we have the reality, you and I have been free and whosoever the Son sets free is truly free indeed(John 8:36)

Don’t wait until the car gets to a stop or you run out of the fuel called ‘ME’ before you realize that God is willing to guide you in every aspect of your life. This life is all about less of us and more of God, that’s the only way things can work perfectly. The truth is God will always be beside us, because he will never live or forsake us, so even when we take a drive round town in our own understanding and giving God little or no room in our life he still hangs in there waiting for you to call him, because he knows that sooner or later you are going to need him. He runs to us just like the father does to the prodigal son, He is such a running and a loving father. Grace Personified!

Somebody out there may still be struggling with the Disease called ‘Self’ and running out of the fuel called ‘Me’. Someway somehow you may connect to the Poem below, but much more connect to God to rid yourself of this disease and enjoy taking a walk with him.

The Disease Called ‘Self’

Weakness was all I could feel

Self told me a sleep would heal

One sleep at a time turned into two

Three then four and not a few

I strayed, slipped into the coma of life

Lost in self and its little lies

Blind to the conscious truth within

That self itself was tearing my skin

Feeling my veins with the blood called Me

Fueling my heart with nothing but fleas

I cried out to the one called doctor

To save me from the rot of awkward

Son, you have a disease called self

It’s eating you in and of itself

Well, God said I should Love myself

But loving you does not equal love of self

Who will rid me of this pain then I asked

Embossed in the form of a dark mask

Let go of all the self you hold on to

And let my spirit encompass you

Let’s all get to that humble place where we are willing to ask God to take the keys and not just the wheel.

Remember to stand Perfect and Komplete in God’s will!


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