Here is a featured poem from one of the winners of Komplete Woman Creative Writing Award.


The curtains opened to usher in a brand new day

 And I awakened determined to crop the best from the day

 Hair brushed, face dressed and cloth fitted

 I picked up my coat and reached for the door

 Marched gracefully into the street with unclenched emotions

 Here she comes; a perfect gentle lady

 Showering accolades on passersby, hat tipped at every direction to avoid an oversight

Hanging at the edges of the day as it rolled by are sweet memories

 With the free gift of radiant smile flowing from mine across faces

A twin match of reputation and life this must be

But under the smile lit face was a sad stricken one

 Beckoning on the day to wind up with its supposed beauty

 If only a digger could be used to make obvious the reality

 And the obvious switch position with the real

 A gloomy secret of an embittered child

It picked me up and returned me to where I took root

Curled under the cover of my well shielded curtain

Longing for freedom from my battered past

 A breaking forth from the pinions of frustration and hate

 A reflection of light on my seemingly bright but a world lit with darkness

Suddenly, the curtains opened wide wagged to both ends

 Oh! I wasn’t prepared to be uncovered yet

 The tear stained face meant just for the backstage

 What a painful infringement on my blackout privacy

 I remained glued to the bed unable to face my audience

But He reached out His hand and pulled me up

 He removed the mask I’ve long won

 Wiped off the flowing tears from my rucked face

He washed off the scars of my hunting past

 And saved me from the wretchedness of life behind the curtains

 Then He changed my role in the cast

 He brought me into the streams of delight

I escaped the shadow cast by the curtain

 Dressed in the Regalia of the King’s daughter

 And in the limelight of glory now I bask.


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