Book Review: Walking in Love by Bishop Francis Wale Oke

Walking in Love by Bishop Francis Wale Oke


This is a book everyone in pursuit of purpose should read.  We cannot function in what we are called to do outside love. This book has really blessed me!

Here is a brief summary:

Love is the exact nature of God impacted at the point of salvation (Romans 5: 5). Every believer ought to walk in love as this is a command from a father to son and a mark of authenticity of our Christianity. When we function in our calling by love we express it to the fullness, everything we do should be motivated by Love. We can only make maximum impact when we walk in love (1st Cor 13). Our Love should be for God, our self, our neighbors’ and believers. This should be the God kind of love ‘Agape ‘which has no ulterior motive or reason in mind, shown to us by God himself in that while we were yet sinners he died for us. Love is an exercise of will and therefore takes initiative.

We ought to walk in love because it is not an impossible command, we are a partaker of that same nature and we have the Holy Spirit and the Word to help us do it. The Hallmark of Love is Forgiveness, Giving, Serving and Sacrifice and God displayed these entire Hallmarks by sending us Jesus. There shouldn’t be a limit to any of this Hallmark. Things that can hinder us from walking in love are Ignorance, self-centeredness, unforgiving spirits, bigotry, denominationalism, immaturities and negative teachings all which can be dealt with by God’s Word. Intercession helps to connect with God’s heart of compassion.  Walking in Love is walking in all that God is.

My prayer is that we all continue to stand Perfect and Complete in God’s will!


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