Bearing Fruits unto good works

Hello Gems, it’s been a while. Sorry we got so busy but we will try to post here more often now.

Today I will simply be sharing on bearing fruits unto good works; let’s take a look down history lane…

Orange Tree Clipart

 The Old man and the separation…

From the very beginning Man (Adam and Eve) was created and designed to bear good fruit, created in the very image of God and his likeness (in functions and everything there is), Remember the five point agenda God gave Adam in Genesis 1:28? Be Fruitful, Multiply, Replenish, Subdue and have dominion , Well that wasn’t an advice it was an instruction to man to do what he is able to do knowing he had the God-Kind of life (ZOE). From the creation of the world God gave man a purpose and instructions to fulfill it unto good works, Ephesians 2:10 says we are God’s workmanship created unto good works. Just as Man was about to get to the five point agenda, guess who showed up? Yeah the devil! Always looking for whom to devour, man was deceived into giving up his birthright and from that day man died (Separation from the God Kind of life) and died (Separation from the Physical life). The devil lorded over man and it grieved God that he made man.

The compelling Love of God….

God is love and love never fails it always has a solution. So he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him shall not die but have everlasting.  Christ came and paid the price, he was made sin so we can be made righteous (2ND Corinthians 5:21), he translated us from the Kingdom of darkness into that of his Dear son and he brought back to us the God kind of life (Colossians 1:13).


The New Man…

The New Man was begotten from the incorruptible seed of the God Kind of life. He became the VINE and we became the BRANCHES.

Every Christian went through a recreation process of God the moment he made Christ the lord over his life by confessing his lordship and believing God raised him from the dead (2nd Corinthians 5:17). The New man was born from the Word and impacted with the RIGHTEOUSNESS, LOVE, and the very nature of God. God gave the new man a new Agenda to Reign in life (Do as GOD will) Romans 5:17.  From then onward the Holy Spirit tabernacled in the new man to teach him how to live this kind of life, to bear fruits unto good works.

Why bear fruits?

Every tree is planted with the aim of bearing fruit. Whatever comes from God does not deny his nature; it is our nature as creations to bear fruits. God made it clear from the very beginning when he said be fruitful and multiply.  In Matthew 21:18-19 Jesus showed us that a branch in a tree with just leaves and no fruits is functioning outside purpose. Embedded in every man’s purpose is an avenue to bear fruit. How many of you will employ a servant to clean your house and you wake up to find the house unclean everyday and you still pay the servant and keep him around? No wise man would do that, why? Because the servant is not fulfilling the purpose to which he is being paid. As Christians we died to the law and became alive to grace through Christ in order to bear fruit to God (Romans 7:4). The word of God says we can bear fruit so we should (Philippians 1:11, Colossians 1:10), In fact the bible mentioned in Galatians 5:22-23 the Fruit of the regenerated human spirit which is: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control. This is like saying ‘’Hey, New man this is what you have in you and this is what I want to see as a result of the seed and nature impacted in you’’.

You shall know them by their fruits….( Matthew 7:16)

There are two kinds of people in this world those from the Kingdom of LIGHT(THE DEAR SON) and those from the Kingdom of DARKNESS, there is also the  fruit of Light and the fruit of darkness (Ephesians 5:9) the kind of fruit you produce is determined by where you are sourced or the Kingdom you belong to. When an apple tree begins to bring forth coconut we say there is something wrong, we don’t pick grapes from thorn bushes that would be wrong   just like a dog given birth to a kitten is abnormal (Matthew 12:33).   In John 15:1-8 Jesus said he is the true vine which means there is a false vine out there and the fruits they produce shows how unreal they are. Hear this, not every branch that is planted in the TRUE VINE will bear fruit, bearing fruit as Christians is determined by how much we respond to the workings of the Holy Spirit in us to bring us to maturity.

Facts about the new man that bears fruit unto good works

His delight is in the Law(Word )of God(Psalm 1, Matthew 13:23): The ability of God came into the new man as a seed, and he put in us the word and the Holy Spirit to help grow it into fruits. Reigning in life requires the new man to respond to this ability by feeding on the Word and being schooled by the Holy Spirit in every way. The Fervency in the word of God and Prayer spurs us into keeping the right company and bearing fruit in due season. As it is important to bear good fruit it is also important that it is done in season. The leaves of a man who abides in Christ does not whither, there is strength, wisdom and power through Christ.

He Flourishes and Prospers (Psalm 92:12-14): His life is full of the activated blessings of God and forever beautiful, he is not limited by age or time.

He partakes of his own fruit (2nd Timothy 2:6): He is the first partaker of his own fruits which also means he is not the only one who partakes, as he is also a blessing to generations after him.

The Pruning Stage….

Everyone who bears good fruit must be pruned as to be more fruitful. The Greek word for  Prune is kathaírō –that is to make clean by purging (removing undesirable elements); hence, “pruned (purged)”; eliminating what is fruitless by purifying (making unmixed). Remember trimming usually requires sharp secateurs, this can be painful but allowing God chisel out the excess luggage in our life helps us to be more fruitful in our walk with him.

This shows that bearing fruit is the life of a Christian; it is our walk in the Spirit. We cannot afford to stop feeding and drinking from God’s well of wisdom.


Stay Komplete and Perfect in God’s will!


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