Obedience of Love

Hello everyone, I trust that we have been doing excellently well.  As earlier said we will try to put up some teachings here more often, at least once a week.  Today I would like to talk about something God has been taking time to teach me personally, he is not done doing that. I can never be done wanting to know too.


Moving on…..Now Let’s do a very short study on ‘Obedience’ well not just that but ‘The Obedience of Love’.

Love !  Deep right? Perhaps one of the most common words used today.  An average person probably uses the word love at least once a day, either saying ‘I love you’ or ‘I love that’, whether wrongly or rightly. Well that said, majority of the world look to the encyclopedia or to Wikipedia to define what love is …some say love is affection….some say love is a flighty emotion…some even say it is connected to the butterfly feelings in your tummy…Well I say what the bible has taught me; Love is God, and God is Love!

Let me shock or not shock you by saying this, An unbeliever is incapable of Agape ( God Kind of Love) in anyway, yea to answer your unvoiced question they are capable of showing affections, many mistake this for love, but anything outside Agape is conditional!!!

NO SALVATION, NO AGAPE. Forgive me when I say I am in no way apologetic about saying that, not to mince words. Love (Agape) is a nature imparted to believers at the point of salvation Romans 5:5, by the Holy Spirit God put in us the very ability to Love, and since God is Love that equally means he imparted to us what made God…God.  Remember last week we talked about bearing fruit unto good works, well God planted in us the very seed of love to increase in it therefore and bear more fruits of it. Simply put love is the evidential fragrance in us that we carry as ambassadors of Christ; it is our visible and physical tattoo to the world that indeed we are sons of God. Let’s quickly see what Love is and what love is not……

Love is….Love is not

I will just share something I wrote some years ago to give you a picture of what Love is and is not.

You see, Love is more than just a flighty emotion it’s a pure feeling independent of nothing

God defined Love on the cross of Calvary having no distinction for Gender, Race or Age

He didn’t care about our money or beauty in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.

You see his love is neither limited nor demanding but rather flawless and bedazzling

What the world calls love is nothing compared to what it is

Love is God and God is Love.

We agree that God is love and love is God. Why then do we love some and hate some?

Why do we smile with no love in our hearts? We get busy buying those expensive shoes

While our neighbor is right there fighting starvation then we go ahead and laugh at his thin shaped chest

and how he caught a sexually transmitted disease. Yet we cry out, about how we love God and love men tricking ourselves into believing the concept of loving only the givers and despising the takers.

But you know what? God has a greater definition of love.  It includes Me, You and that hopeless child on the street. Yet we love only those who can love us back. Who are you to decide who to hate or love?

This is the picture I am trying to paint: Love is God, Love takes God… Only God! Every other thing secondary to it can never be enough. Love is not conditional or choosy! Love is what God says it is. Love from man’s point of view is shallow but Love from God’s point of view is perfect and complete.

Personally few years ago, I felt empty and lonely, I kept filling my heart with all sorts of people and things that I felt could make me feel loved, but each one came and I still felt empty. People came and left…Things lingered and faded….But when I had a love encounter with God, I never remained the same, it slapped me out of the Coma of emptiness, pulled me out of the depth of loneliness, threw me to the height of blessedness.

That’s what Love is and can do!


Obedience of Love

A farmer who plants a seed knows the principle of watering and timing before he can harvest. Not doing this is simply anti-farming or simply disobeying the principles that make farming work. Well, let me say this obedience is never apart from love just like watering is never apart from planting. They go hand in hand.

What is Obedience? In the biblical context obedience is a submissive hearkening to the will of God.

The will of God is revealed in his word (written or spoken) by his spirit. God and his word are not apart. God is love. So let me put that in a simple formula:

Obedience to God = Obedience to His word= Obedience to Love

Submissive hearkening to God’s Will=Submissive hearkening to His word= Submissive hearkening to love

It is impossible to love God without obeying him and it is impossible to be obedient to God without loving him. Grace Knits the two together.( John 14:21-24, John 2:3-5)

Obedience is a demonstration of love!! Lets even look at our earthly relationship, when a husband tells the wife ‘Darling can you make toast as early as 5.00am tomorrow’, he expects to see it the next morning because he knows his wife loves him enough to do that, Not because it is convenient, Not because he put a reward to it but simply because she loves him. Obedience is how we show that we love. Rejecting the authority of the Holy Spirit (He who administers the very presence of God in us) is gravely disconnecting us from demonstrating the love of God.

What Obedience is…What Obedience is not

  • Obedience is a demonstration of love 2nd John 1:6
  • Obedience of love requires trust and action John 3:16
  • Obedience is submission to love and its hallmarks (Giving, Forgiveness, Sacrifice, and Service)
  • Obedience of love is obedience of faith because love powers faith. Galatians 5:6
  • Obedience is not a suggestion it is an instruction. Remember Love is an instruction and obedience and love are not apart. John 13:34
  • Obedience is acknowledgment of God’s Lordship  Luke 6:46 
  • Obedience is not a forced, unwilling act. Not something you are forced to do because you are afraid of punishment. Christ is our prototype of obedience Philippians 2:8
  • Obedience is not legalism (Trying to please God by obeying our own set of rules) Matthew 15:2-3
  • Obedience is not a way to acceptance. We cannot make ourselves more acceptable to God because we obey him. Grace made us accepted in the beloved! Ephesians 1:6
  • Obedience is not a step to a reward but a reward itself Psalm 19.8. When we understand that God’s instruction is a great reward and not a burden, we will understand the place of obedience as been a reward.

Why do some fail to Obey despite Love?

Majority fail to obey despite the love of God being shed abroad in their heart due to lack of renewing their mind to the truth of God’s word. You cannot obey what you don’t know. We ought to stay in the word and constantly fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Until we have an experiential knowledge of God’s word and his love, we cannot come to the full measure of Who God is(Who we are) Ephesians 3:17-19.

I believe this blessed you. Watch out for our new series on Purpose from next Monday, till then keep standing perfect and Komplete in God’s will.



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