Adekemi Kikelomo Neriah  Adeniyan is a pastor by calling, dentist by profession, writer and editor by passion  .  She is a woman who is constantly in pursuit of  God and purpose. She understands God’s desire to pour into the lives of women and therefore wants every woman to  come into a real understanding of His love for them, and the impact they can and should have on the world around them. Her purpose is to spread the love and grace of God around the world especially among women simply by glorifying the finished works of Christ.


Sanni Oluwatoyin Yetunde is a Software Developer by profession who also loves to write and share the word in her lucid moments.  An individual who believes in making impact regardless the gender/location. As she fondly loves to say “Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon”, she enjoys being part of a productive team leading the female gender in fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives, A godly music addict, A guitar freak and A naturalHair lover.


Our aim is to help women find their identity in God at a young age and to know and understand the purposes He has for them so that their lives are filled with purpose and direction. We are here to hear and share your stories and testimonies.


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