The Complete Woman Guide by Adekemi Adeniyan

So here is my first ebook  for women around the globe. It was inspired by the  Holy Spirit last year and it is dedicated to women from all walks of life.  Download it for free and kindly leave a feedback at


If you will like to have a hardcopy of this book, do send me an email or call this number +2349034011483 for further enquiries. You can find the download link below. I really appreciate everyone that has contributed to making this book a success, and thanks to my book designer Dr Toyosi Awosusi for doing such an amazing job in a short while.  God bless your heart.  I pray this book inspires everyone who reads it to be the best that God has called them to be. Download and share. Lots of love.

The Complete Woman Guide by Adekemi Adeniyan

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Open letter to a purpose chaser


Dear Purpose Chaser,

I am writing to you as one who has found purpose and is on the journey to fulfilling it. If you have discovered what God will have you do- congratulations, if not don’t give up, it takes God to discover and fulfil it. Purpose is not your decision but God’s, He created you and empowered you for it. Everyday you should wake up knowing that you have what it takes to go on this journey, that you are able to do all He has called you to do. God should be your focus not your inadequacies, the truth is that in Christ you have no inadequacies, because as He is so are you in this world.

It’s time to look beyond what your natural strength can do to what God can do in and through you. God has chosen and ordained you to bring forth fruit, God Himself dwells in you through the person of the Holy Spirit in order for you to bear fruit unto good works. In this journey you have what it takes to walk on water, you have all you need to outrun chariots, don’t ever forget this.

Don’t be slothful but follow them who God has placed over you, learn the principles of faith and learn the art of patience. Above all dear purpose chaser, arm yourself with the intimacy you have with God. Don’t be moved by ambition but by your hunger for God and doing His word. Remember that you can only go all out for God of you are all out with Him. I am glad you are on the great road to fulfillment. I love you but God loves you more.

Sincerely yours,

A woman who found purpose in God.

W. I. F. E (When I Follow Excellently)


This is a feature article from Dr Fiyin Akinsete,  he loves to live LIFE and to see people maximize the life which was given to them as GIFT because it is an abundant life. Why waste it?

I can assure you that this will bless you.




A wife of noble character who can find? Declared the wisest man who lived in the century when there was liberty to have many ladies as wives.

What I have come to notice is that not every lady understand or is willing to undergo the transformation from a single lady into a W.I.F.E. I strongly believe it takes Wisdom, Study and Grace to be able to transit. We already have two out these as a believer because Christ came to give us Grace and He himself has become our wisdom. But we all need to study in order for us to become, because it has been given unto us to know. Therefore, I can say that to know who you are supposed to be as a W.I.F.E- “When I Follow Excellently” you need to go back to the Book Of The Revealed Life – the Bible.

Ephesians 5:22 (NIV)

Wives, SUBMIT to your husband AS TO THE LORD. (Emphasis mine)

Submissions has never been an issue until the advent of the new age. However, submission is an instruction from God to us and the most interesting thing is that He also gave us the description on how wives should submit and the how is “as unto the Lord”

This discussion will just explore the phrase “as unto the Lord”

#Scriptures says the only way we are saved is by the confessing  with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and believing with our heart that God raised him from the dead.

The First way to submit is to make sure you always talk about him as your HUSBAND and say to yourself always until you know deeply that so , so and so is my God given Husband.

This helps with mind reconditioning from the single lady you used to be into a wife and then remember that out of your heart flows the issues of your life.

Secondly, believe that he is able to provide for you as a wife. This is because of two reasons:

1. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Just as the scripture we read earlier says as unto the Lord, therefore, the believe is such that you know that your husband is able to provide for you because God of all Grace has given him the ability to do so and that is what makes him a responsible man.

2. The life we live is by faith.

Sometimes it may be difficult to reconcile the fact with the truth and that’s when your faith should be exercised the most. When it seems that he is not able to fulfill his obligation of providing as the husband meaning he is not walking in that Grace yet. You as the WIFE needs to stand in FAITH because we understand “by faith, women received back their dead, raised to life again” Hebrew 11:35. That is, they turned what was not into what is.

A wife should make things that are not happening yet happen by her faith, confessions and actions.

Thirdly, always give a sincere thanks for the little he did which will provoke the much you want. Just as you give thanks for what God has done always and because he said we should give thanks always. It is important to know that a sincere thanks can be seen and felt by anyone. That shall surely provoke your husband’s hand.


1. I am a vitreous woman and wife.

2. I am a responsible wife because God has given me ability to respond rightfully to every situation that comes my way.

3. My husband is respected at the city gate where he takes his seat among the elders of the land because of me.

4. I live my life with wisdom as a wife with noble character in which God called me.

5. Nations of the earth will be blessed through me and my life will always preach to people in Jesus name.

I become a W.I.F.E When I Follow Excellently.

God bless you.



‘Mentors matter’ Campaign

KompleteWoman is starting a new campaign called ‘Mentors matter’ to inspire teenagers and   young women to seek mentors as a way to foster their personal and spiritual development.  Join us in this campaign by taking a picture of yourself with the harshtags #Mentorsmatter #KompleteWoman and upload it on your social media page.




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Save the future of the girl child.

If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation).

-Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey (1875-1927)

Ghanaian scholar

The Evergreen Lyrics of a True Nigerian Woman still plays in the heart of the people. She sang saying  “We are the Future”, “we” here referring to the youths. The best way to predict the Future is by consciously creating it. Increasingly, the world is coming to recognize not only the importance of investing in the lives of the youths but more importantly the girl child. The Girl Child is worth celebrating, the impact of women and young girls all over the world cannot go without mention.

The likes of Zuriel Oduwole, the African Girl Child Ambassador, an Eleven year old Nigerian Girl,  the youngest person to be interviewed by Forbes Magazine who has interviewed several Presidents, shows us that the Girl Child can achieve success. Though very young she has greater dreams to be a Writer, Engineer, Sportsman and sometime in the Future she hopes to becomes the President of America. Through her Dream UP, Speak UP, Stand UP Project (DUSUSU) she reaches our to her peers in African Countries, inspiring them to Live their Dreams. We also see girls like Malala Yousafzai who stands up to speak for Education of the Girl Child. She was shot in the head and in the neck, she survived and rather than keeping quiet she decided to take her course more strongly. She was included as one of the “Top 1oo Most Influential People in the world”. Speaking about experience while receiving the award as a Nobel Peace Laurette she said “I did not wait for someone else, I had really two options, one was not to speak and wait to be Killed and the second one was to speak up and then be killed, and I chose the second one because at that time there was terrorism, women were not allowed to go out of their houses because education was totally banned, people were killed, at that time I needed to raise my voice….”.Many women are making tough choices amidst the challenges they have to face everyday. These Girls are taking a stand like the Queen Esther who concluded “If I perish, I Perish”.

At this time as we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child, the world, irrespective of beliefs and perspectives, need to take more seriously the development of the Girl Child. In Nigeria particularly, Non-Governmental Organizations, Religious Organizations and the Government have taken steps to educate the nation, create awareness of core issues affecting them. Prominent among them is the call to end RAPE. Despite the frequency of the cases, it also serves as a beacon of hope, because it demonstrates the fact that more women and girls are speaking up and making the world know what is going on in their little corner.

Why do we need to SAVE THE FUTURE of the  Girl Child?


  • She’s got potential.
  • She’s got value.
  • She’s got a future.
  • She is a key player in determining the Future of Nigeria and the world.

Girls must be allowed to go to school, to pursue their dreams and make a Difference in their world. We are in support of the Sustainable Development Goals recently set by the United Nations among which is to “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls“-GOAL 5

As we celebrate the International Day of the GIRL CHILD, October 11, we must not forget to pray and hope for the rescue of the abducted girls who have been away from the comfort of their homes and love of their families for over 500 days.

We are doing our part through our GIRL GO FOR IT SEMINARS taking place across secondary schools. We are creating a platform through which young girls can be helped and mentored towards pursuing great dreams.