Lecrae – Free from it all feat. Mathai (update)

You may not have followed Christian hip-hop for years like I have, so I’ll briefly catch you up. I was introduced to rap music at a very young age, I use to listen to the likes of Eminem, 50 cent and others but after I got to know more of God requirements for my life, I immediately put a hiatus to their music. However, Christian rap is not just some lyrics; it’s deep in God, it’s God’s word in another amazing way bonded by a love for Christ and a love for gospel rap. We tracked the pioneering efforts of artists like Mars ILL, Grits, The Cross Movement, Gospel Gangstaz, Tunnel Rats, Braille, Lecrae, and LA Symphony. It will also shock you to know Nigeria also has some magnificent gospel rap artist like Rooftopmc’s, IBK spaceship boy,Rapsodee, Cikko, X2L, Omari, Bouqui,

We mused over whether Christian rappers could actually make a difference or were forever consigned to small crowds and little trust among the broader evangelical community. Today, I’m glad to say we have a verdict on that last question. Gospel hip-hop is here. It has broken through. It’s edifying the church, it’s influencing the culture, and, wow, it’s moving units.

When I stopped listening to secular music, I had to take time to tune myself with other genre of music but with time, I got to know we have gospel rap artist living their lives for God. On this note, I hereby present to you a track from Lecrae’s Gravity Album: FREE FROM IT ALL. This year, Lecrae has something to say to us all. Enjoy!

This song started with a sonorous voice of Mathai of the chorus followed by strings of rap from Lecrae. This is a crucial part of Lecrae’s appeal: he speaks with directness and honesty about life’s struggles even as he constantly points to the superabundance of grace found in Christ. An example of this kind of clarity comes in this track “Free from It All,” where Lecrae raps from the perspective of a beauty-obsessed person, detailing the empty brevity of a life driven by appearance.


The price of fame and living for other people’s thoughts can literally kill someone inside. “Life is a cage and a prison of everyone’s approval/ Fight for acceptance and struggle so you don’t ever lose it/ But living for their acceptance is kind of stressing,” Lecrae raps. Because he’s living for God and not people, what people think about him and his progress isn’t a factor. “Should I fall, I’m still free from it all,” Mathai sings. Dru Castro and Uforo Ebong create a head-nodding track with powerful guitars. I took time to quote my favourite lines :

No grace and no exceptions, all they want is perfection
The man in the mirror can’t even see his reflection
You live for their acceptance, you die from their rejection
But even if I fall, I fell in the right direction

They say they love you, but It’s easy to fall from their graces
Live for everyone else gotcha losing yourself
Why be slave when made to be free from the guilt?
To be free from the shame, you are more than a name
If you go down you got the freedom to get up again

And of course, it’s got a beat that keeps head nodding, feet tapping and hands in the air. I’m pretty sure it’s a song you got to listen to especially if you are a lover of rap. #Doing funny movements to the track like I’m drunk#….Ah Ah, Drunk in tha holy-ghost!